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The Full Story


‘home in the city’ is a provider of technology enabled responsibly priced premium co-living services in select markets to address needs of Gen-Z and millennials.

This branded venture leverages technology for search & discovery, booking and lifecycle management providing premium community co-living services in T1/T2 Indian cities, distinct from co-habitation/ PG / shared accommodation.

The service is for long stay- primarily millennials in their early career and Gen-Z (students of professional courses) and crafted leveraging insights to their needs and aspirations.

Each property we develop will have ~100+ well-appointed beds, in purpose-built facilities or boutique hotels or a block of apartments (entire building or full floors) or a cluster of villas in a compound. All our units will be in good localities in proximity to office clusters/education hubs, easy approach by foot to public transport/metro and entertainment-social infrastructure, safe and comfortable, have a community ecosystem, with leisure and activity spaces.



“home in the city” has been committed to constant innovations and delivering great customer experience and value to each of its customers.


To create an ecosystem, across India and UAE, which can provide high-quality accommodation for singles, women, and young professionals at affordable prices.

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