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House Rules

These House Rules are the binding rules and regulations, which the Guest(s) are required to adhere to during their stay at the Property.


1. Make friends before you need them! 

The road of life is long, friends make this journey fun and easier. Be friendly, sociable and a responsible co-resident / world citizen. Treat your fellow residents and the HITC staff as you would like to be treated i.e. kindly and with respect. Follow the instructions of staff- they are here to make your stay comfortable. 

2. Follow the prescribed health, safety and hygiene protocols and do sanitize/wash your hands regularly - you should anyway be doing this!

3. We love to have your friends and batchmates / colleagues visit; however residential areas are strictly open only to residents.

4. Put all litter and garbage into the bins - messy rooms will attract vermin. Remember to segregate your waste!

5. Be mindful of HITC being a shared space- keep the volume down. 10 PM to 7 AM are quiet hours, use your earphones!

6. Turn off the lights and fans when you leave a room. Little things go a long way for the environment! For safety reasons, NO high wattage devices (ex. irons, heaters, induction cookers) to be used in rooms. 

7. Use common areas respectfully and leave them like you would like to find them i.e. neat, clean and dry. Save us all the uncomfortable conversation of telling you to be cleaner! 

8. A lot of thought and effort has gone into doing up your room and the common spaces. You will be charged for any damages. Swap room only when authorised.

9. While you're the master of your own time, please follow the timings of the facility and the attendance mechanism for entry and exit. Adhere to this and all other house rules; they are for your safety. 

For meals, the schedule is as below, please follow them; if you miss it your share will be up for grabs by the others:


a. Breakfast: 07.30 am - 09.00 am

b. Lunch: 12.00 pm - 2.00 pm / 12.30 pm - 2.30 pm

c. Dinner: 07.00 pm - 09.00 pm

10.Consumption of alcohol, tobacco and illegal substances is strictly prohibited - they aren't good for you. 

Detailed House Rules booklet available in office and soft copy shared with you; latest version will apply.


D28 home in the city Technologies Pvt Ltd. ™

Owner of House Rules

D28 Home in the City Technologies Limited (“HITC”) is the original creator and owner of the House Rules. These House Rules or any part thereof shall not be copied or shared without the express written consent of HITC.


Plot. No. 2, Indira Nagar, Dehradun, Uttarakhand - 248 006 

Effective Date

1st February, 2021

Version No.

Version 03 / 2022 (Edited April 11th, 2022)

Version 02 / 2021 (Edited September 14th, 2021)

Previous Version

Version 01 /2021 (Released 1st February 2021)


These House Rules, as amended from time to time shall be applicable to all the Guest(s), who have applied for being admitted to the Property by filling up the Enrolment Form (whether online or offline) and have been accepted by HITC as a Guest to stay at the Property, per the details specified in the Enrolment Form.

In case the Guest is a minor, these House Rules shall be binding on the legal guardian of the Guest, who shall cause his/ her ward to be also bound by these House Rules.

Other Agreements

These House Rules should be read in consonance with the other directives, polices and rules issued by HITC from time to time to govern the terms and conditions of stay of Guest(s) at the Property; and the applicable law(s).


These House Rules are proprietary information of HITC and are liable to be kept confidential by the Guest(s) at all time.

Download House Rule PDF from here.


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