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Perfect Student Accommodation

For You to Move In.

Student Accommodation in LAVASA ! The best place to stay for future India !!

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Community of Young, Socially Adjusted, Bright, Ambitious Peers. We believe you learn from collaborations and make lifelong friends. We are dedicated to make each house guest comfortable. We ensure a stable, safe, healthy environment for study and relaxation.

Dedicated to providing premium facilities for comfortable living to our guests. We ensure that we provide the best possible service along with environment for study; and a happy joyful atmosphere without the stress of worrying about cleaning, laundry, meals.

Proposed facility is centrally located within walking distance for convenience and safety – so late nights or rain or cold are not a bother.

Premium Facilities |Fully Furnished | All Services Offered

Amenities :

Fully Furnished

Soft Furnishing

Curated Meal

Regular Linen Change

All Day Cafe

Wi fi


Running Hot Water

Dinning Hall

Garden / Lawn


House Keeping



Air Conditioned

Lavasa is a private, planned city built near Pune. It is stylistically based on the Italian town Portofino, with a street and several buildings bearing the name of that town.

Area: 100 km²

: 630 m

: Pleasant, Warm

Pune district

Starting at just 25,000/- Per Month
Duo & Trio Accommodation Rooms
Premium Facilities Included.

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